Sadly after over 6 years, it is time to hang up our hats.

To our customers, thank you, we will miss you.


Established 2015 in Auckland

Hattitude was New Zealand’s only, traditional, dedicated hat shop.

Owned and operated by two Kiwis, Sharon McCavana and Nigel Barton. We both passionately believed that living in New Zealand, with its fierce sun, hats should be a part of everyday attire.

Along with NZ made hats, Hattitude stocked an impressive array of high-quality hats from all around the World.  The selection was like nothing else, Beret to Bowler, Paper Boy to Panama, Top Hat to Trilby.  Offering personal fitting advice, customisation and personalisation alongside a small maintenance and repair service Hattitude was unique in NZ. 

After 4 years in Parnell, in September 2019, Hattitude moved to the iconic Queens Arcade in the central city. 

Sadly, in January 2022, the incredibly difficult decision was made to close.  An array of challenges topped off by the ongoing impact of Covid-19 made continuing untenable.

To those of you who have supported us over the years since our opening in 2015, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Remember, Hattitude is everything!


Phone: 021 0275 9177